The ERP Software that will allow you to monitor your company.

eGestionale, the ERP for all production and commercial companies.

It's the software that allows you to optimise every aspect of your company.

From purchasing to sales, from warehouse to production, from logistics to accounting, it is an integrated solution that simplifies managing your business.
Take advantage of the potential and safetity of standard SQL engines, that guarantee high performance, scalability and data protection.


  • E-commerce
  • Agents
  • Sales
  • Electronic receipts


  • Warehouse management with palmtops and/or smartphones
  • Traceability
  • Purchases


  • Bill of materials
  • Collect production
  • Material requirements planning

Administration and finance

  • Accounting
  • Document management system
  • Financial statement

Business Intelligence

You will always have at your fingertips trend KPIs, broken down in distinct items, and immediately readable graphs that will be customised to your company's needs. Thanks to these indices, making growth choices becomes easier.

Graph and Statistics

With eGestionale you can create customised control panels to instantly display all the statistics you need.


Management by cost centre code and job order code allows you to monitor your indices of interest on time and to analyse a filtered balance sheet.

Electronic Invoicing

The software is integrated with the intermediary Edok to automatically send and receive invoices in electronic format and to store them in full compliance with the law.



With eGestionale you can integrate your e-commerce site to directly receive orders on it and to keep information about products availability and prices updated in real time.

Agents and Warehouse

eGestionale is fully integrated with eAgenti to simplify your commercial managers' work and with ePalmari for your warehouse management.