The simple and intuitive PMS for small to large accommodation facilities.

Many possibilities, one commitment: our customer's success.

ePrenotazioni is the ideal software for managing all accommodation facilities, including your own.
It allows you to keep track of accommodations, services, staff, suppliers, tables, payments, promotions, rentals and everything else you need to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.
Thanks to its modular and scalable programming, it is perfect for both large and small facilities.

ePrenotazioni will be a valuable ally for your growth.

With ePrenotazioni, planning, organising and managing your business is easy, intuitive and highly effective. The staff at Echo srl has developed a truly innovative programme to make managing your business trouble-free and, above all, more profitable.


With the ePrenotazioni planner, managing your business will be easy.

You can choose between a variety of overviews, and you can tailor it to your needs, by selecting a daily, monthly or quarterly version.

Directly from the planning overview you will be able to:

  • Manage a new arrival or to modify data already entered
  • Manage group bookings
  • Create estimates for stays
  • View the room cleaning status
  • View an interactive map of your property

Planning will allow you to have a real-time view of bookings that are registered from your site, from OTA portals or that are collected directly from your staff.

The extension of the booking management on your establishment's website will allow the customer to check room availability and to immediately visualize the stay estimate.

In your reserved area you will be able to monitor and update your facility's planning from anywhere and with any device.
Present data will be automatically synchronised by the PMS software.

Check-in online

Through the ePrenotazioni online check-in form, check-in procedures are simplified.

An email invites the customer to fill in the necessary data to complete the check-in procedures.

The data received is entered into the procedure to be used for Alloggiati Web and ISTAT.

Smart estimates for you and your customers

To obtain a confirmation of your stay estimates, nothing is more effective than clarity and responsiveness to your customers' questions.

This is precisely why ePrenotazioni is so popular.

Attractive estimates will allow your customer to see all the different proposals and services you can offer.

A convenient chat service will allow you to reply and help your customer to confirm the right option for them.

Prepaid devices

Cards, wristbands or key rings replace cash and help make your guests' stay more comfortable.
The ePrenotazioni software allows you to add to the system all the different services or products you offer and each sales point, be it the cafe, the shop or the SPA. Each sales point will have a simple and intuitive screen overview to charge your customers' purchases.

Management of Extras

ePrenotazioni allows you to manage and display all the extra products and services purchased by your customers. A simple overview will help you to manage their purchases, either by adding them to the booking's cost, or by allowing your customers to pay them dircetly or with a prepaid card.


Do you rent bicycles, scooters, beach towels or other items to your customers? With the ePrenotazioni rental module, you can keep track of the products delivered to your customer and charge the service either to their room's account or by issuing directly a receipt. Rental management can also be done via prepaid cards.

Cleaning and services management

Thanks to the ePrenotazioni cleaning module, it is possible to plan the activities of your operators and to display the room situation on the planning overview. With any smartphone, it will be possible to notify the reception about the room's cleaning status and to report any comment/problem. Photos and/or reports will be visible on the planning overview.

Supplier and warehouse

With ePrenotazioni you can keep track of your purchases, from the purchase order to the payment, through the recording of goods delivery documents, of invoices received, of the creation of bank transerfs, and so on.

For an easy overview of your warehouse, you can make a series of queries on stock movements, registered documents or entered deadlines.

Services and tables planning

Managing your tables, parking, SPA, beach or staff reservations has never been easier.
With ePrenotazioni you can charge and register all the services used by your customer to their room's account, so that you'll have a single receipt or invoice at the end of their stay.
ePrenotazioni perfectly integrates with the catering management softwares already used in your establishment.

You can digitalise your restaurant's menu by simply entering all your dishes in the system; your customer will be able to read the menu comfortably on their smartphones.

Menu reservation

ePrenotazioni allows you to optimise the organisation of your kitchen, in terms of timing and purchases, by allowing your customers to pre-book the dishes they desire to order.

ISTAT and ALLOGGIATI WEB in one click

ePrenotazioni automatically, quickly and securely sends data to the Questura and ISTAT without the need to access to their portals.


You will always have at your fingertips the performance indices, broken down in separate items, rendered out in immediately readable and fully customisable graphs. Thanks to these indices, making growth choices become easier.


Graphs and Statistics

With ePrenotazioni you can create customised control panels to instantly display all the statistics you need.

Sales and purchases

Keeping everything under control is important and allows you to manage every detail of your customer's stay. From check-in in to check out, every need will be monitored so that your customer's stay will be perfect and unpleasant misunderstandings will be avoided.
With just a few clicks you will know which items you need to reorder, what are the open deadlines for customers and suppliers, which items' were sold the most, which rooms are still available and everything else you consider important for your establishment.

Channel Manager

Manage room availability on more than 350 OTA portals, so that you'll no longer run the risk of overbooking.
Thanks to the integration with the Channel Manager, your online availability will always be up-to-date, even considering bookings received directly at your reception.


Booking engine

Integrated into your website, the system proposes your hospitality offer directly to your potential customers. Your sales channel will bypasses all large booking portals.
Furthermore, if you do not yet have your own website, ePrenotazioni provides you with customisable and dynamically updatable templates.

Home automation

Furthermore, if you do not yet have your own website, ePrenotazioni provides you with customisable and dynamically updatable templates.

From the booking form, in just a few clicks you'll be able to:

  • Check in and activate the magnetic card with your guest's name on it
  • Check-out and disable the card
  • Activate all the functions provided by your home automation system
  • Activate or deactivate the different areas of your facility

Order collection at the table

Through the use of a touch-screen device, the customers' orders will be communicated to the kitchen or cafe in order to facilitate your service. At the end of the meal, each tables' bill will be available to be paid immediately or to be charged the customers' room accounts.


Charging Stations

Your facility can also provide this service to your customer through ePrenotazioni, and all can be done with a simple gesture. From the booking form you'll be ble to activate the charging column and charge the consumption directly to your customer's account.