eQualità allows a continous control over the ISO9001 quality system.

The programme, by using special 'connectors', provides the possibility to interact with any other management software already used by your company, in order to eb able to share all existing master data.
The programme is enriched by a series of statistical analyses and also graphical outputs, which can be fully tailored and customised.
Reference Standards
ISO 9000:2005 - Quality Management System - Fundamentals and vocabulary
ISO 9001:2008 - Quality management system - Requirements
ISO 9004:2009 - Managing an organisation for sustained success - The quality management approach
ISO 19011:2012 - Guidelines for management system audits
ISO 2859 - Sampling procedures in attribute testing
  • Basic archives and master data (customers, standards, products, ...) including reports management (templates/reviews) and the definition of checklists for questionnaires and evaluations. All reports can be customised to be adapted to any documentation already used by your company
  • Internal and external documentation management
  • Document drafting workflow: draft/approval/publication
  • Revision management
  • Linking of documents to any records made
  • Structured organisation of documents in folders and categories
  • Quality system: management of users, of their permissions and of the quality deadlines
  • Human resources management: Comprehensive management of the company's employees with the possibility to assign for each employee their function, evaluations, job descriptions, resumes, skills and training plans
  • Definition of business processes and KPIs to plan and measure objectives
  • Definition of input/output elements, activities, controls and of the resources involved (IDEF0 modelling)
  • Customer satisfaction: customer satisfaction, complaints and returns, drafting questionnaires and shipping planning
  • Supplier: qualification and audits/inspections monitoring
  • Checks and tests: sampling, control and testing plans, with the possibility of a link to complaints and returns management, non-conformities, corrective actions and supplier assessment
  • Non-conformities and treatments: configuration of causes/defects/risks/solutions, management of product/process/system non-conformities, dispositions and treatments
  • Problem solving: corrective actions, preventive actions and improvement plans with the possibility of a link to the management of complaints and returns and non-conformities
  • Infrastructure and tools: infrastructure management (plant and equipment maintenance) and calibration/revision of monitoring and measuring equipment
  • System review: drafting of documents required for the review of the company's quality system, auditors management, planning of internal and external audits and recording of the results
  • Costing: management of quality and non-quality related costs